It's All About The Food


Fino Verde Products

Our trained fresh food specialists hand-select each item straight from the grower. With scheduled delivery times, customers can be guaranteed that produce will arrive crisp, fresh and on time, every time.

There is in place a Food Safety Program that documents and verifies that fresh produce is grown, harvested, stored/staged and transported in a way that prevents or minimizes exposure to physical, chemical and biological food safety hazards.

Fino Verde counts with its own QAM team, with the technical Expertise on Growing and Food Safety, with more than 30 years experience. We are committed to providing you with the highest safety & quality food, meeting the EU mandatory standards as well as the Ukranian. This expertise will be available to all our growers and associated growers.

Our farms on the south east of Spain mean that we can supply our customers with quality produce all year round.

During summer season our Ukranian Growers are able to take advantage of varying climates and a range of soils from rich fenland peats to light sands and loams, to produce the best tasting salads and vegetables for as much of the Ukranian season as possible.

We work closely with all our growers to ensure the best, consistent supply.

The Growers operate their own farms independently while sharing expertise and resources, but all are subject to the same rigorous procedures and standards of good farming practice.